LinkedIn SEO is the right thing, each and every person that has ever used LinkedIn thinks about it in terms of a social platform. Indeed, when it comes to possibilities for LinkedIn optimization, it turns out that the rules that are applicable for websites, also work for any LinkedIn profile.

Let me make it clear at the beginning. LinkedIn SEO (just as website optimization) needs to be measured and improved according to your figures and numbers. And you won’t know what your results are unless you are armed with analytics. Just as if you were to do it for your website – you can use different off-site tracking systems (as long as there are no native tools for this on LinkedIn).

In this article, I want to share ideas I got after some playing around with LinkedIn SEO optimization. Finally, together we will figure out what you can achieve using LinkedIn SEO with your website.


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Ideas on LinkedIn SEO


  • Optimizing LinkedIn profile for search engines isn’t something impossible. But at the same time, it never happens on its own – you do need to pay an attention and make certain steps to make your profile rank higher.   


  • The best practice to do at the start is to think about optimization of your LinkedIn profile in terms of your website. Nobody can argue that in the first instance you get to deal with your social profile, which differs from a website. However, the LinkedIn platform works differently from other social networks, so that search engines treat profiles on LinkedIn similarly to websites.


  • Rankings are extremely dependent on your connections. Not only 1st, 2nd, and 3d connections matter but also the audience you interact with. To enlarge the latter, it’s highly recommended to be active on LinkedIn – publish articles and participate in relevant groups.


  • Powered by SEO, LinkedIn becomes a powerful tool not only to get higher on the search results list. For instance, the optimized LinkedIn profile would yield more qualified prospects than the one without optimization.


  • Let people know about your updates by editing notification settings. Therefore, every time you change something in your profile, your connections will be notified. This will help your profile to get more views, which, in turn, favors LinkedIn SEO.


LinkedIn SEO


  • Make your profile URL matching your name, which, indeed, is one of the essential LinkedIn profile tips. The best thing if you include first and second names. If it’s already used by someone else, try to play around with it and make it unique. It’s an essential part of building a brand.  


  • It’s proved that no-follow links do contribute to getting more prospects (although don’t directly help to gain Domain Authority). That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of using them in terms of SEO for LinkedInl.


Quick note: use no-follow attribute when you don’t want search engine bots to follow a link – when the relevance of your content is doubtful or when it may be considered as unacceptable in terms of SEO practices – so that only humans will be able to look it up.


  • Publishing often is one of the absolute essentials. There’s no possibility to avoid content creation and marketing if you want to share expertise and build awareness of your brand. LinkedIn SEO optimization also won’t be sufficient without the worthy content.


What can you achieve?


Using LinkedIn SEO in tandem with your website yields certain advantages, which you need to consider while creating your marketing strategy.

Here are some of them:

  • A stream of your potential clients (as you make it easier for them to reach you)
  • The possibility to get quality prospects, those who will find your content relevant to their professional niche and appreciate your expertise
  • Work with warm audience (while Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms can provide you only with cold audience)


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LinkedIn SEO doesn’t completely differ from SEO for websites. At the same time, some differences do exist. For instance, a handful of practices – like generating prospects through group membership and views of those who don’t belong to your direct connections – allow you to do more using tools of social platform.

Start using Protop today to generate more views and improve your rankings!