LinkedIn selling system is not very basic of behaving on the LinkedIn platform (like you can find here).  For example, a polished LinkedIn profile, application of search engine optimization, or participation in groups. I won’t emphasize on that, but I imply that you understand the importance of all those essential components (mentioned above) for getting a real advantage from LinkedIn selling system.

This article is for those who have made their first and second steps in using Linkedin selling system for showcasing professionalism and growing business. Together we will examine advanced LinkedIn business tips and tricks. It will help you to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting.   

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Share content on LinkedIn groups


Every piece of content that has LinkedIn social button allows for instant sharing content with all the LinkedIn groups you participate. So, let’s say, there are ten employees in your company. Each of them participates in some groups.

Now, consider that you have a blog post and you want to share it with as many people as you can. But at the same time you care about the relevance of your content to the audience. For this, spreading this content within the group in which your employees participate would be exactly what can help. (Learn more about content marketing on LinkedIn with this article, what consists with LinkedIn selling system)

Therefore, to use this opportunity for your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you need such basics like LinkedIn Company page with its complete profile. Also, encourage your employees to join relevant groups. So that you would be able to share the content of your blog throughout all the groups. It’s quite a powerful way to use LinkedIn selling system prospecting.


Create a killing proposal and get shared by LinkedIn group owner   


The main thing you need to focus on is that every owner of LinkedIn group seeks the ways to get promotion for his group and earn more money on it. Basically, you need to come up with a mutually beneficial proposal. Also, send it to the group owner.  Let him share it with the group members.

There can be different ways of making it work – either by means of affiliate marketing campaign. Another way is by paying just a flat fee. Those are details that you need to negotiate with the group owner. While the core part is about making a win-win proposal to help monetize the group.


Find prospects on LinkedIn groups and contact them directly   


Again. LinkedIn groups are a great place to find high-quality prospects. However, you need to approach it exceptionally. Join only groups that fit the best your area of expertise. Think not only how you benefit. Also, take into consideration how group members may benefit from your participation.

When you have joined relevant groups, you can start turning your LinkedIn marketing strategy into action by searching for the prospects. The thing is that with every new group you join, you extend your audience. The search results become more fitting for your needs.

Use proper search criteria (for instance, consider not only position but also location) and come up with the list of the prospects. When you’re ready, comes time to use InMail that is available for LinkedIn Premium accounts. You will definitely need InMail for contacting directly your prospective clients. Moreover, it is one of the top most effective tools of LinkedIn selling system.

When contacting your potential clients through InMail, make sure that your letters don’t sound generic and are personalized for every prospective client. In order to use LinkedIn selling system for sales prospecting, you can invite people to listen to podcasts, attend webinars, download your free e-book, etc.

By giving away meaningful and relevant content, you’re showcasing your experience. However, keep in mind that it’s not recommended to send more than 400 emails per day through LinkedIn. Otherwise, you’re risking to be blocked by the service.

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Use direct sponsored content to leverage LinkedIn selling system


First of all, let me remind you one thing if you have been skeptical about LinkedIn advertising platform. LinkedIn is the pure concentration of your prospective clients that just need to be filtered.

On the other platforms, it takes a lot more efforts to bring the same people in one place (you may want to compare it with the Facebook pages and groups but it’s way different). Also, if your business is of B2B type, there’s no tool that is at least nearly comparable with LinkedIn.

However, it’s not LinkedIn advertising itself that I wanted to point you at. The option that is often missed – LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content. It allows you to get your ads displayed on the LinkedIn news feed without publishing initially on your Company page. This is how you can control what kind of content users see on your LinkedIn Company page.


Create email campaign to invite prospects to phone call  


Let’s be honest, nobody really likes to make cold calls. However, if you already have a ground for further communication, calling becomes way easier. So first, find your prospects (the same way we did it before). Then, send them a letter to establish the basic connection. Next, when you get on the phone, you will remind your prospective client that you have already communicated via InMail.

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LinkedIn selling system is full of possibilities, which you can either use or avoid. Some of them are more time-consuming. Some of them seem to be costly. However, as you master using LinkedIn for business purposes, you will learn how to do it wisely. For instance, you can always save your time and get more traffic with the help of marketing automation tools like Protop. Register to start generating new leads!