It can hardly remain a secret for anyone that LinkedIn has become the most influential network in the world of professionalism and expertise. No phenomenon takes place here. We can even say that its invention was inevitable rather than surprising. The need in the network that connects worldwide specialists sounds like naturally implicit in the modern world.

However, just as everything our life (online and offline) consists of, LinkedIn has its rules. Some of them are written, the rest ones are tacit. The higher you crave to get – the more tacit rules you need to follow. But what kind of benefits may stand on the top of LinkedIn world yield you?

When there’s a clear picture of possible benefits in your mind, you can easily figure out whether you need it or not. Therefore, the question of the benefits you’re getting pursuing the top positions among the LinkedIn members is extremely relevant. The first and foremost to keep in mind here is that LinkedIn is the network for connecting professionals.

This means connecting great employees with great employers and backward, connecting professionals of different areas when they need each other. Besides, you don’t have to underestimate such the function of LinkedIn as a platform for sharing knowledge.

Imagine how many worldwide specialists are staying there together with you. How can you leverage it? First, you need to make yourself noticeable. The more views your profile is getting – the higher your possibility to be viewed by the world star employer or, perhaps, a professional you were seeking for to hire.

You may think, okay, views are incredibly important. But how exactly can it help me? It depends on your initial purposes when you joined LinkedIn cohort.

So it can result in gaining potential business partners (if you were looking for them) or vastly enlarging your connections network, which brings important people closer to you. As you see, the underlying idea is to find connections that carry value for your career and/or business. Let’s look at the ways of how you can increase their amount.

Most of the people (well, almost everyone today) who are entering new platform with its rules and consequently stories of successful profiles face the same question: what should I do to make it right? Where should I start with? By the way, even though if you’re already a solid member but you feel the need in the improvements, it works the same.


1. Start with a close examination of similar profiles.

In the case of LinkedIn, there’s nothing different about it. Find the top profiles of people who are doing the same and look close at each of their parts. Especially when you’re standing at the very beginning, you have to get those tacit rules that you won’t be able to read in the section of Privacy & Terms.

2. Upload new relevant photo. Make it memorable.

Photos that are more than one year old don’t count as relevant. It’s simple. You need to update it so people can figure out how you look like now, not a year ago. Another reason to change photo is “selfies”, wedding photos, those made on birthday parties and so on.

In other words, all the cases when you don’t look seriously. There’s no problem to get a great professional photo today. Don’t consider it like wasting your time/money, it’s a useful thing you need to have not only for LinkedIn.

3. Be sure that your professional headline is clear and descriptive.

Don’t be over-focused on SEO for your LinkedIn profile. Titles that are packed with keywords look artificial and aren’t usually perceived as trustworthy ones. Perfectly if you could pick few keywords that you consider as the most relevant for your area of work and put it correctly in your headline. Think about the most important words that can describe you as the expert in the certain area, by which you would like people to find you.

Do it only if you are sure that you can avoid overstuffing and do it correctly don’t. Otherwise, don’t do it at all as it can become quite risky for your profile. Keep in mind that professional headline, or title, is the first thing that gives rise to the first impression and you have to do your best to make it good.


4. Optimize your summary.

Here it’s highly recommended to take advantage of the keywords. These can be your skills and special characteristics that are essential for your particular field of work. For doing this effectively use bullet lists. Besides, try to break your summary into sections. All these measures will help to stay consistent and provide better readability.

5. Update all the sections of your profile.

Needless to say that everything makes sense only if it’s relevant. When your profile is updated once in never, it makes people think that you’re stuck. Just like the information about you. Take a hard look at all the parts. Especially noticeable is a lack of updates in the part about your work experience.

Add new courses you have passed (by the way don’t hesitate to add online certificates, like Coursera ones). And of course, don’t forget to add new skills you’ve acquired (or just haven’t mentioned before). Everything you can tell about yourself matters here. By the way, in case if you don’t know, your LinkedIn profile will become ranked differently right after you save updates. Here the algorithm of the search is different from the Google one.

6. Make your content visible.

One of the ways to do it is to make your content appear on the LinkedIn blog (Pulse). This can result in a huge breakthrough on the road to gaining popularity on LinkedIn. For this, producing a great content is a must. Next goes SEO of your content you need to bother yourself with. Make regular posts. It will definitely boost a number of your profile’s views.

7. Don’t be afraid that somebody can notice you viewing his (her) profile.

Of course, you can turn on private mode and stay anonymous while looking up profiles of other people but it’s not that advantageous especially if you want to bring more viewers to your own profile and, therefore, to boost it.

It often happens that somebody whose profile you have once watched (in case if you’re in public void), notices it and gets interested in yours. What if this person needs you? And he (she) will realize it while glancing over your profile. Though it’s a small tip that doesn’t require any active efforts from your side, once it can help you to connect with people.


8. Stay active, which means take part in group discussions.

Sometimes to find your target audience you need to head for special spots where it’s highly concentrated. Groups are exactly such places where you can find specialists from one particular area. Firstly, pick the right keywords.

They should describe the particular areas from where specialists you want to connect with may come. Search for the group that fits your interests with the help of these keywords. Besides, notice the previous discussions to find out whether it’s really active or not. Join only in case if there’s an up-to-date activity there.

Of course, becoming just a passive member doesn’t work. That’s why after joining the group you need to participate actively enough to become noticeable.

Sharing your knowledge by joining discussions is a great way to showcase your expertise. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to find new connections. Another way is to start your own discussion driving people to share their experience and thoughts on the topic that is doubtful or ambiguous for you.

9. Be initiative and create your own group.

Even if it sounds “too much” for you, don’t immediately give up on this idea. Initiatives are frequently rewarded. The more active you are – the more attention you drive.

So why not to consider this way of getting more views and connections? Probably it’s going to take more time to run it then if I just joined other groups, but it certainly has the unique advantage you won’t gain in another way.

  • gather people you want to be there (you can even create sub-groups to target specific audience within the scope of people in your group);
  • promote your business;
  • show professionalism by sharing knowledge and helping others;
  • run e-mail marketing activity;
  • generate leads (providing great content, referrals and connections will definitely yield you lead you won’t be able to gain as fastly and efficiently in any other way).

10. Follow the main conversation rules.

We’ve slightly touched the idea about rules. They exist on the each of the platforms you’re the member of or you’re planning to be so. You may think that if they’re not written down then it doesn’t mean you ought to follow them. Of course, you can stand out in a reasonable way, which means that not too much.

It’s a must to realize the importance of those rules when you’re in the process of building your social presence by creating social media profiles. However, you need to keep them mind while performing any activity in social networks.


When talking about groups remember that nobody likes repetitive conversations and inattentive members. That’s why before starting a discussion on any topic be sure that it hasn’t been published by anyone else. As you see, research is a key to successful handling these issues as it enables you to find out underlying rules of the group and information that already exists.

Consider that somebody has already posted the question you wanted to ask. Even in this case it doesn’t that you cannot participate (if the topic is relevant for you). If you have additional questions you can ask those people who used to discuss it earlier or you can share your experience with it and say ‘thanks’ helpful advisers.

These all are the ways you can make new connections so don’t miss any!

LinkedIn is the incredibly powerful tool if leverage it right. Definitely, it has its own rules but the underlying idea is the same that makes profiles on other social platforms successful. It states: be active!

Nobody warns you from standing out but do it only after preceding research. It’s free information and it’s an additional power that you may want to use. Finally, don’t forget about the first and foremost LinkedIn formula: the more noticeable you become – the more connections you have – the more popularity you gain.

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