How It Works

ProTop is easy to use autovisit tool for LinkedIn users.

Go to ProTop at Google Chrome Store and click Add To Chrome button.


Once added, you will see ProTop icon with a zero counter on it. This is your daily counter of visited profiles by ProTop extension. Also LinkedIn search tab will start automatically and you will see the following screen.

LinkedIn Search

Now you have to go back to website and Register for14 days trial plan, if you didn’t register and trying to use ProTop very first time. Otherwise, type in your email and you can start using it.

You will see the following screen, so start searching right profiles you would like to search by typing Role, Location as well as other criteria and make your search quite narrow. Once you setup your search criteria, you can start autovisit by pressing Start button in the top right area of LinkedIn page. Note, that profiles visited before will be shown in gray(skipped), profiles that visited in green, profiles that are currently visiting in yellow color.


That’s it. You can keep ProTop visiting profiles until you reach your daily limit, or your current search results are ended. You can work with Google Chrome or your Desktop device – whatever you want. Just keep LinkedIn search tab opened.

Once finished, you can press the Stop button and Start next day or when you like. Same functions can be done from Chrome icon on the right side of chrome address bar.

As a result, people visit back your profiles because of curiosity. They learn offerings from your page and become interested in your being your partner. All that is on autopilot, by spending less than 5 minutes per day.

Also, ProTop has simple but powerful options menu. You can set up autostart of the extension at the certain time on daily basis.


Premium features of ProTop would be useful especially for those who would like to gain best results by using this tool at full speed. The latter gives you the opportunity to store visited profiles (normally Link, First Name, Last Name, Company Name and other data that are seen to your profile only within your LinkedIn profile) and change saved contacts to keep from 30 to 90 days. Moreover, you can export these data into CSV file format to use later.

You can start Premium version via this link or do it via your profile.