Since the times we can ever trace documented history, the discussion of what you need to be a good salesperson has been active. Probably it will never reach its logical end as the truly “successful” combination of the skills and character features varies from person to person. And it can hardly change in the feature.

Even though most of us are aware of this fact, it doesn’t prevent us from searching for the perfect formula. We ask ourselves – whether there is something we cannot deny like a core of the mechanism that is obviously essential and even vital? For a salesperson, there’s such thing. It’s ability to build and maintain connections.

Thanks to the modern times, building connections is no longer something you can get only by going from house to house or spending hours at the telephone and trying to convince people in your expertise. Instead, today we have a number of powerful tools that help us to avoid empty words in favor of real actions. One of the best tools among those ones is LinkedIn. What we are going to do further is to learn how to use it to increase your sales.


1. Never miss a chance to connect

Connections are everything. It’s relevant for the whole sales field, however, particularly for LinkedIn this notion is extremely pointful. Some of the networks are dedicated to showcasing, promoting or discussing different stuff, but for LinkedIn all that would go secondly while the primary idea is to build a base of connections you can rely on.

2. Examine profiles of people you want to contact

It’s obviously important to get in touch with the right person. Especially when it comes to a huge company. Also, if you are already experienced enough to know that only the first “cold call” or sales pitch has a real chance to fire (if you were not yet, now you know). So, don’t do it. Rare advice, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to give up on contacting people you don’t know. Do it in the right way, carefully preparing beforehand. Fortunately, professionals usually put in their LinkedIn profiles a lot of useful information you can leverage to get the idea of the person you’re going to contact and decrease chances of failure.


3. Cold calls have alternative options on LinkedIn

Well, there is no secret in that nobody likes cold calls. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of options you may want to try before turning to the telephone. Firstly, look up your connections and trace those who can introduce you to the person you target. If for some reason you don’t consider it as a good way, you can upgrade your LinkedIn account to Premium and use InMail.

By the way, it’s a very promising way of contacting people you don’t know directly on professional issues. The rate of responses is very high as this channel is considered by professionals as one of the most trustworthy among the other networking options.

4. You don’t need all of them – build your connections wisely

As a marketer or salesperson (or two in one) you might be aware that everything you do as the professional should have clear ground. You might have a strong understanding of your target audience, therefore, what they are interested in, what they talk about and where to look for them. This is a point from where you may want to depart if you want to increase your sales by building meaningful connections. Remember that your primary connections can lead you to people you would want to reach.

5. Recommendations matter

You might have thought that within the Internet space you can forget about annoying recommendations you have been asked for just everywhere. If so, then you were wrong. To use all of the possibilities of LinkedIn, you will need to get the recommendations here as well.


However, the process is much easier than in the offline world. Literally, it’s a deal of a few clicks. Find the profiles of people who are aware of how good you’re (professors from you University, previous employers, colleagues) and request a recommendation. That’s it. Even though it’s something that doesn’t take your time at all, it always looks impressive for people who are not familiar with you yet. Always care about future connections.

6. Look closely at your profile

We are good in judging when we have something to compare with. Take your time to research great examples of profiles. What will they tell you? Compare your profile to those pieces and make it better! Show how caring you’re about details, tell as much important information on your professional experience as you can and, finally, don’t forget about creating content that can shed light on your professional sides for those who don’t trust CVs and cover letters.

Make sure you have linked your LinkedIn profile to other social networks (like Facebook, Twitter). Usually, we behave differently (well, we post different stuff, which can tell a lot about our interest and ambitions) in the situations concerned with the work and informal communication. Help people to see more of you and understand what kind of person you are by giving a possibility to glance over your profiles on different channels.

Also, take care of the visibility of your profile as you may want to show it not only people from LinkedIn but those who come from the search websites as well. For SEO purposes it is a real must. Don’t hesitate. You shouldn’t have the desire to hide from anyone. Rather bring all of your social profiles to such a high level that you would feel proud of them.

7. Be active

Of course, it’s something implicit for salesperson but I would like to highlight here particular type of activities. LinkedIn gives you such special options of professional activity like participation in groups or creating your own one. By sharing your knowledge, you’re not only showing your expertise but also creating a solid ground for building new connections with people you’re not directly connected yet.

linkedin social media

LinkedIn has become a serious tool for boosting your sales and building up your professional representation, which is hardly comparable in its effectiveness with any other existing opportunities. Thanks to the variety of possibilities for sales professionals, LinkedIn is a networking place where you can significantly contribute to your efforts of reaching permanent growth of your sales by creating a solid base of connections, developing your professional profile and showcasing your achievements.

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