In marketing, when you want to gain a concrete result, you certainly need a strategy. In this article, we set the goal to attract clients, and we will create the highly effective strategy to reach it. Moreover, I will show you how to use Linkedin marketing solutions to get the most out of Linkedin features and possibilities.

However, prior to diving into the strategy itself, I need to share with you the key wise thing, which is all too often missed by a surprisingly big number of professionals. Your Linkedin profile “lives” by the same rules as any website.

If you want to improve the way you are using Linkedin for sales leads generation, the first and foremost thing is to start thinking of your Linkedin profile differently. It means that you need to apply to it the same sales solutions as to your website to drive traffic, generate leads, and nurture clients (according to the basic sales funnel).


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Optimize profile


I think it’s no secret that profile optimization should become an absolute must on your agenda if you want to attract more clients by means of Linkedin marketing solutions. Of course, it won’t make you a great professional or more experienced one. But if you do have what to show (your professional experience, skills, etc.), optimization of your profile will help you to step out of the shadows.


For basic profile optimization, try to stick to the following Linkedin marketing solutions:


  • Pick from 3 to 5 keywords (no need for more).
  • Use your keywords in the title, summary, and throughout professional experience field.
  • Keep in mind that all the keywords should naturally fit the context.    
  • Make sure that you are connected to all the professionals whom you know outside Linkedin.
  • Join more groups by your professional interest.
  • Be active while on Linkedin: comment, share, like, participate in discussions.
  • Always keep your profile updated (including profile picture, title, and experience).


According to Donna Serdula, experienced Linkedin profile writer, in order to be found by more people, you need to focus on the following issues:


  1. making yourself noticeable (for this, you need to be active on Linkedin)
  2. widening the range of people you get in touch (people from the Linkedin groups you join also appear in your Linkedin network)   
  3. keeping your headline relevant and your profile picture updated (for search results)


Keep in mind that basic optimization isn’t always enough for making your profile attractive for new clients. That’s why I have prepared more sales solutions to help you substantially optimize your Linkedin profile. Go through them one by one and make sure that you have them all covered. Otherwise, go to your profile and apply each of them.


Here they are:


  1. Make your headline precisely reflect the way you want to be seen by your potential clients. It’s extremely important as it’s the first thing people see about you (along with the picture and name) when you’re displayed among their search results. Be creative but describe what you really do (take a look at the headline of Donna Serdula). 
  2. Let your summary be a sales letter: show how great you are and how exactly you can help your potential clients. In the end, add the call to action. If you want to attract Linkedin sales leads, you do need to sound engaging, professional, and just outstanding. No general stuff!
  3. Put your professional skills in order so that the most relevant ones are at the top. I recommend going through the entire list of your skills to make sure that all of them are actually relevant to your professional field.
  4. As you may know, the most promising way of showcasing the true professionalism is spreading the pointful content that reflects your knowledge. Among  Linkedin marketing solutions, for this purpose, there’s one highly useful tool. It’s Linkedin publishing platform. Post as often as you can but only high-quality content.
  5. Use the Linkedin feature that enables you to find correlations between actions you recently performed and new profile visitors. It will help you to develop the strategy that will attract more Linkedin sales leads.

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Establish connections  


On social networks, connections are everything. Moreover, communication turns out to be an absolute must when it comes to using Linkedin for sales leads. The platform is completely oriented at the professionals that actively grow their connection base and participate in the community life.

If you feel confused about how you can actually attract Linkedin sales leads by means of communication, here is a short list of options:


  • Participate in discussions of the posts authored by the field influencers. As they gather a lot of attention, you will also get some if you express your professional view at the issue. Using Linkedin for sales leads requires you to show your knowledge across the platform, not only in your posts.
  • Enter relevant groups – it will help you to find prospects. Of course, just the fact that you are the member doesn’t make it one of the working sales solutions. So you need to be active!
  • Search Linkedin for professional to connect with. For this, I highly recommend you to use all the types of search (as the essential component of Linkedin marketing solutions): basic search, advanced search, and boolean search.


Drive traffic


After you optimized your profile and took some measures to grow your connection base, comes time to attract Linkedin sales leads that you still can’t reach directly. For this, I recommend one of the extremely effective Linkedin marketing solutions called Protop. It can draw new visitors that later can turn into your future clients.

This Linkedin automation tool is quite simple. The main idea is that it visits thousands of profiles of your potential clients. What you need to do is only to specify the audience you want to target. In turn, new views draw attention and make users visit back your profile. If your profile is great and if what you described their matches their needs, they will want to get in touch with you. You can try it right here.

In this article, I described a short but effective path to attracting potential clients with the help of Linkedin marketing solutions. If you have any questions, suggestions, or doubts, feel free to contact me!  

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