What is so great about the era of Internet and social media is that we can get and stay in touch with an incredible amount of people. Really. Just think about the range of opportunities for growing a professional team that is available right now on your laptop or PC, and don’t require any special efforts. Just go and take them.

However, what happens to many of employers and recruiters is posting job opportunities to the specific platforms that are incapable of covering target audience due to their large number and sparse structure. And you might have never thought about social media for recruiting purposes. Of course, looking for potential candidates within Facebook may appear somewhat wry, but I didn’t say that it works with every SM channel identically. If you haven’t tried LinkedIn for recruiting and has been looking somewhere else, you have missed a lot. Let’s look at what you can do with this.

1. Start with the appropriate profile

If you’re recruiter, consider the option of creating special recruiting profile. It is different from the regular one in the way that you have a unique interface that enables you to conduct a highly-targeted search, to manage job slots and build an impressive career page to attract worldwide talents. Besides, as an additional option, you can turn to “Work with Us” advertising.
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2. Post job opportunities on the company page (you own or work at)

Either you have regular profile of recruiter’s one on LinkedIn, you can easily handle this within few clicks (go here for LinkedIn tips on this). After you receive a confirmation e-mail, you will get fifty profiles that match your job requirements and five InMail messages you can send to those profiles for free. If you want to use InMail messaging (by means of it, you can contact people you’re not connected with) further, you may want to upgrade your profile to Premium (by the way recruiter’s profile gives you 150 InMail messages per month).

3. Search by keywords

Qualifications, which LinkedIn members put in their profile, can serve as keywords as well. Actually, it’s their primary function to enable profiles to be easily found through the targeted search. The same works backward. If you want your company with its job opportunities to be found by the members you want to hear from, work on building up a profile with a careful keywords structure.

4. Nurture your connections

You never know which ways lead to the perfect candidate. The bigger your base of professional connections – the more possibility you have that some can introduce you to the person you are seeking for. For this, participation in groups is very helpful. There you can drive the conversation with potential candidates and observe in action those who possess expertise in the particular field.

5. Rely on the references and trusted connections

Social networks are all based on references, and let’s admit that we appreciate it a lot. It’s great to know that your friend enjoys this restaurant of Mexican food while your colleague has rated with five stars that gym. Now you can depart from it picking places where to eat and where to train. According to this logic, the same should work with recruiting. And it really works on LinkedIn. You can turn to the trusted connections for recommendations to the great candidates (within LinkedIn, each member can request a recommendation on his(her) work and display it on the profile page). Besides, you can consider places where potential candidates could work and by specific firms and companies. It can also serve as a kind of reference (yet, indirect one).


Taken from http://jobhuntingu.com/ as an example

LinkedIn is a versatile tool for business development that particularly provides a wide functionality for recruiting purposes. Depending on your needs and purposes, you have options either to use all the functionality or approach it selectively (free or paid). Besides, LinkedIn service support has all the questions documented and clearly explained, so don’t miss to turn to this powerful tool to solve your professional issues.

Ealier we explained how to build your LinkedIn profile, check it out as well.

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