There is no secret in that over the past ten years social media platforms has become marketplaces. What makes them so helpful for digital marketers is a strong peer recommendation structure, which helps to spread the word about a business in a variety of the ways.

Even though, networking isn’t something new, with social media platforms it has come to be much easier. Therefore, there’s no need in trusting someone blindly, instead you can rely on people, whose advice you value.

Today more than 60% percent of consumers are searching the firm/company on the social networks before purchase. Comparing to Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, LinkedIn is different as it’s usually referred to the professional network. However, despite the widespread idea of LinkedIn merely as the platform for employers and job seekers, there’s way more behind it, which helps to grow B2B and B2C businesses by connecting with prospective partners and consumers. This is a reason why it makes sense to start the social media marketing campaign with LinkedIn.

This article can be applied to many titles, such as CEOs, HRs and Recruiters, Sales professionals.

How to do it right?

1. Start with building strong profile

Usually, this point is missed in many articles as it’s supposed to be implicit, yet it’s the most important step, so there’s no reason to avoid it.

  • Start with the picture but remember that it has to be yours. Don’t take it from the last hang out with friends. For such cases, it’s highly recommended to have few photos made by the professional photographer, which you can put in your portfolio and on social media business pages.
  • The professional headline really matters, so be sure that it perfectly matches your area of work. Even though, the title of your company is requested by default, be sure that it’s displayed properly. Remember that the professional headline is what people firstly see together with your name and picture within the overall LinkedIn platform. profilepicture
  • Consider using important keywords. It will help people to find you and your company. You can always turn to Google AdWords to pick appropriate ones. Also, consider adding links to other resources, which contain professional information about you.
  • Pay attention to the summary. Don’t forget about the different content you may want to use to enrich your profile (like audio, video, images). Organize information with the help of bullet lists. They are helpful for guiding viewers through the information the way you want them to get it. Also, consider adding areas of expertise to your summary (use the same bullet list), which will help you to highlight the fields you would like your viewers to pay attention to profile summary.profile summary
  • Don’t miss anything while filling out your work history. You know how important experience part is in every CV. It’s the same here, so take your time to describe how you contributed to other companies, what you personally gained, and, therefore, how you have come to the place you’re
  • Customize your profile URL by removing all the additional meaningless characters.
  • Be consistent while putting information on your profile. To build up the representation of an expert, all the information should match one professional line (including profile summary, places of work, the list of skills, content of the posts).
  • Your interests are important here. Your work isn’t everything. Show how wide your range of interests is. People do pay attention to this.   
  • Finally, ask for recommendations (at least ten). Make people comfortable by listing skills you would like people to evaluate.skills

2. Build your network

Growing connection base is an obvious must. Try to connect with as many people from the professional field as you know. Also, don’t forget to update your base by adding new connections from time to time. The social network is great also because it helps you to connect to people, whom you could hardly meet face-to-face. There’s one nice feature built in LinkedIn which suggests you how you can be connected to one or another person. You may have common friends, and they will be shown you, so you would know whom you can ask for an introduction.


Keep your connection base updated and it will increase significantly your chances of getting to know more important for your business people.

3. Join LinkedIn groups

The process of finding right groups in LinkedIn is very similar to finding the right niche in the marketplace. The first what you need is to get oriented with your targets. You can roughly divide them into the following three categories: your professional field experts, your prospective customers, and your competitors. If you know them broadly, you will easily find them here in LinkedIn. Of course, everything needs to be researched, however, here it’s pretty straightforward and, therefore, more convenient comparing with the other social networks.
Be active participant. It’s important. Just staying in the group isn’t helpful at all. Don’t afraid to ask people when you need an advice from the experts in a particular field. This is how you connect to the world experts. Also, help those who need an advice from you. It will show how good you are actually in what you are doing.


4. Show your expertise by producing great content

Published posts are displayed on your profile page right below the headline section. It provides additional encouragement to produce more content and show your expertise to all the viewers. Remember that great content should be informative and useful. For such place like LinkedIn it means that it should help people solve their problems. Keep it in mind while preparing an article.
Now that we’ve looked through the first steps of building up your presence on LinkedIn, it might be clear that you will need a certain amount of time and energy to make it great. Just as with any other social network, you will need to regularly update your profile. Otherwise, there’s no sense to start. However, if you devote some time for setting it up and schedule further updates, you will be surprised how rewarding it is.

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