In this article, you will get to learn top ten LinkedIn automation tools, which can change completely the way you think about marketing and treat your business.

The new highly-technology era in marketing came with the certain gifts. One of them is about a different way of treating the process of business development: while you make important decisions, computers do the rest of work, repetitive and generic.

The main secret of many successful companies is a wise combination of workforces of both human and computer nature. The latter implies LinkedIn automation tools that are gradually becoming irreplaceable in marketing routine.


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Why use LinkedIn automation tools?   


First and foremost, LinkedIn automation tools serve as a successful time- and money-saver. It’s no secret that you can do it manually or hire someone who can do it for you. By the way, say, twenty years ago you wouldn’t have any other options. But today you do have them.

You can avoid paying people for generic work, which can be handled by a program, and save your time and energy for something that does require your intelligence, not just repetitive meaningless actions.

Second. You might haven’t considered LinkedIn automation tools as the way to give more attention to your connections. And if so, think about it: as your connections grow, you have more possibilities of mutually advantageous communication. You can miss them unless you act in a timely and effective manner. This is what marketing automation can help you with – don’t let prospects forget about you and share relevant information.

Third. The process of building business requires a highly structured approach. If your way of generating leads and moving them down the sales funnel is still a mess, then you may need to look up for the reasons of your flaws in the lack of structure. In this case, too, LinkedIn automation tools, can help you to order the main business processes.


LinkedIn tools that are worth your attention

1.LinkedIn Sales Navigator


The primary LinkedIn marketing automation tool, of course, is Sales Navigator. You need to consider it in the first instance and include in your marketing tools before you go for anything else. The main focus of this tool is to help your sales prospecting efforts in a highly efficient manner.

Social selling possibilities provided by Sales Navigator include lead recommendations based on preferences, seamless integration with your CRM, the lead builder based on the advanced search, real-time updates, direct messaging prospects outside of your first connections via InMail, your company’s network inside LinkedIn (TeamLink).    

Pricing begins with the 30-day free trial. After that, you pay per month of using Sales Navigator.



This tool serves for successful management of multiple social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr and Pinterest etc.). With the help of FollowingLike, you can perform all the possible actions you’d have at your full disposal on a single account.

Post, comment, like/unlike, follow/unfollow, add/remove friends, share posts, perform a search, create and join groups, invite users, black/white list – all of these basic features and functions are available for automatization. Moreover, you can schedule tasks, get content from different sources, assign different proxies to your accounts, and much more.   

It’s one-time fee for each social network, which depends on the number of accounts you need to manage.



With this LinkedIn marketing automation tool, the whole idea of buyer persona is getting automatized. I don’t mean that you can go without knowing your audience, but this tool indeed can become your number one tool for developing personalized approach to each of your prospects.

First, you need to import your contacts from Google or any social media, by which you will feed the system with the information of your prospects. So that every time you get your hands on creating an email for one of the prospects, you will get real-time suggestions on how to do your best in Gmail. Moreover, you can access personality data to learn more about your prospective audience.

It’s available for free when is used for personal communication needs. For professionals, there’s the only option – monthly payment.



This is an example of lead generation software piece that helps to find missing information about your prospects. From the contacts you have in your online directories and social networking sites, eGrabber build lists of prospects relying on . First, the tool extracts contacts from all the possible sources. After that, using real-time searches, eGrabber fills missing emails and phone numbers.

You can directly transfer the resulting list to, PCRecruiter (PCR), ACT!, Excel and Outlook. Also, you can get it in CSV format and use the list to carry on working with prospects via Bullhorn, Lotus Organizer, Jigsaw, etc.

The pricing plans of eGrabber differ depending on your goals and timing. You can try for free a licensed version, which is available for 7-days.  



The idea behind this LinkedIn marketing automation tool is simple yet very pointful for generating leads with less time and money spendings. Initially, you specify search criteria that fit your buyer persona. The rest of work will be done by Protop. It will automatically visit profiles of LinkedIn users that match your criteria driving attention and traffic to your profile.

Having fully completed LinkedIn profile seasoned with the relevant posts and using Protop have proved its efficiency as a perfect formula to many specialists. Every time prospect receives a visit from your account, he gets interested and visits yours. As long as your information is relevant and meets needs of your prospects, attention to your services will increase.

There’s a 7-day free-trial option that will help you to learn how Protop works from inside. After that, you can pay either once per month or once per year (annual price comes with the 40% discount).



You have already met one account management tool in this list of LinkedIn tools. Now, it’s a turn for another LinkedIn marketing automation tool, which serves specifically for managing LinkedIn accounts. With the help of this open source LinkedIn management solution, you can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, generate leads, recruit right candidates.

There’s ton of possibilities you can instantly apply to all the LinkedIn accounts you need to manage. There few pricing plans available: for marketing agencies (per annum) and for small businesses (per month).



Sales prospecting is one of the most propitious fields for applying LinkedIn marketing automation tools. Here’s one more example of the latter, which is also a great opportunity to get personal contact information of your top LinkedIn leads.

You need to have a LinkedIn account, Google Chrome, and an installed Scout extension. The website of Scout services contains a detailed explanation of how this service can help you automate social media and sales prospecting.

Pricing depends on a number of prospects you get after purchasing this tool (the available range is between 400 and 4000 unique prospects), and you pay per month regardless the plan you pick. With the free-trial, you get 25 prospects.



With such full-fledged sales management platforms like SalesLoft, you can automate social media processes and get rid of additional stress. SalesLoft helps you to personalize your communication by using email tracking, to increase performance by means of built-in sales dialer, to harness analytics, and, finally, to successfully integrate your efforts with cloud service.

Three pricing plans are available: for professionals, for a group, and for an enterprise. The website of SalesLoft contains a lot of useful information including e-books, case studies, product news, etc.



Finally, it’s time to take a look at CRM, which is definitely an irreplaceable thing among LinkedIn automation tools. With the so-called Relationship Intelligence, it will help you to turn your connections into mutually beneficial relationships. Nimble works without borders – whatever platform you use, you can advantage from the smart Nimble service.

Real-time discovery of detailed profiles, one-click import, automatic social profile matching, quick and easy organizing and scheduling – it’s all about Nimble. You can start with the 14-day free trial, after which you can switch to the monthly paid subscription. You can pay an additional fee to get more storage.


Last words


This collection of LinkedIn automation tools isn’t, of course, an ultimate one. Although I believe if you pick at least few of these tools and try to fit them into your business processes, you will see why the obsession with automation software has reached such a magnitude.

If it’s your first time of dealing with automation software, I recommend starting with something simple yet obviously effective, like Protop, one of sales prospecting LinkedIn tools I’ve mentioned. Register now to give it a try!   

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